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Search Engine Optimization

​To help prospective customers locate our website, we make sure that more web traffic to our web page is available. To track and evaluate our outcomes, we help monitor, track, and analyze our efforts, enabling you to observe your rankings and site traffic improving over time.

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Social Media Marketing

We need to set clear goals and focus on whom you're engaging with a clear picture of which social media services will best meet your needs; we can get your program to run on time. And use social media platforms to inspire your community to use your products and services. Finally, inform your neighbors; your business is open. 

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Pay Per

Our PPC management program is structured to produce the most remarkable outcomes for our customers while maintaining the highest degree of openness possible by optimizing PPC campaigns using artificial intelligence daily to ensure you get the best results. While working on our client's platforms that offer effectiveness when it comes to ROI. 

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We'll construct a content architecture to match your materials to various customer groups throughout the purchase cycle. 
Gap evaluation can help us find your areas of strength and weakness swiftly. Once we have the content generation strategy, we can utilize content in additional locations and across all platforms. 

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Analytics Consultancy

Using a well-established set of technologies and industry knowledge, we assist healthcare firms in enhancing their analytics capacities and delivering actual, quantifiable value through proven use cases. 
When used for enhancing overall health, fostering innovation, or optimizing operations, artificial intelligence (AI) can have a significant impact on the sector.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

A comprehensive funnel analysis is performed, and the barriers to conversion are identified.
While we set a goal to refine our optimization roadmap to include continuing optimization suggestions, such as A/B and multivariate testing, by utilizing the effective software to streamline your campaign with automated customer relationship management and developing fast, creative websites through artificial intelligence.


Digital Marketing HealthCare

Terran Digital Solutions LLC is founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2020 by Martin Williams, a Registered Nurse.


During the pandemic, he saw a big problem in providing healthcare services to those afraid to get out of their houses. So he thinks of creating a solution by being that bridge that will connect a patient to the nearest service provider in the area through the help of technology.


With this idea, "Terran Digital Solutions" is born by focusing on small home health and hospice agencies to help build and improve their online presence through Healthcare Digital Marketing.


Our goal is to help healthcare, hospice, dental and rehab agencies assist families with various aftercare facilities to build their online presence in the digital world that will identify the challenges your company faces regarding online visibility. From there, we'll create a customized strategy for your healthcare agency that includes Social Media Management, Content Creation, Website Development, and SEO services tailored specifically for healthcare providers.


How long does it take to rank #1 on Google?

SEO is a time-consuming process that can take up to three months to achieve first-page rankings for the most relevant keywords. However, for some niches with lower competition and well-structured websites, 1-2 months may be sufficient.

Do you sell followers? How much do they cost?

Followers acquired through this method have little to do with your business objectives. It would be best to have an engaged and interested following, which we can help you build through targeted ads and high-quality content.

What are your pricing packages?

We create a custom package for each client based on their existing budget, business needs, level of competition, and a variety of other factors. To request a custom quote, please visit our Contacts page.

Do you do online stores on social media?


Indeed We do. We assist you in developing and optimizing your store through all social channels that support this feature. Although we do not operate the store, we are available to assist you throughout the process.

My finances are extremely constricted. I'm considering which digital marketing channel is good for my business.

If you would like our assistance, please contact us. We can help you choose the most cost-effective distribution route. There are many ways to approach this, but in general, you may choose to go with SEO, low-cost PPC, or social media marketing, depending on the competition and target demographic.


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