How Covid-19 Puts a Spotlight on Health Disparities

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

To provide better health outcomes for the American people, President Biden has committed to tackling health inequalities.

Covid-19 is leading the way by exposing one of the country's most important health problems. Vice President Kamala Harris is committed to addressing this issue, too, as she said when accepting her nomination for VP: "Black, Latino, and indigenous people are suffering and dying disproportionately." Healthcare disparity is a serious and problematic issue, and the country has not done enough. Healthcare in America should be available for everyone regardless of their social class or race.

Covid-19 has shown us just how serious this issue is--the virus affects people across demographics, but it disproportionately impacts those already disadvantaged by our healthcare system.

Therefore, we need to do more about these health disparities as they may grow even more expansive by introducing new drugs for Covid-19. Healthcare providers can help reduce some of these disparities through programs explicitly designed to address racial inequity on an institutional level.

This focus on Covid-19 will also see a sharp increase in the number of clinical trials open to people of color.

There is an estimate that as many as 50% more Black, Southeast Asian, and other minority populations are now eligible for participation due to their increased risk, increasing our knowledge base about these groups' susceptibility.

To counteract health inequalities, the President has announced a series of initiatives that focus on poverty, such as his Opportunity Zones project, which "intends to promote economic growth and development in neighborhoods recovering from natural catastrophes or after many years in poverty."

Healthcare Technology Innovation
the use of technology in the healthcare department

As a result, the President has now increased his focus on Covid-19's disproportionate impact on people of color. To establish up the White House Health Equity Task Force, President Biden formed the White House Health Equity Task Force, which will be developing ways to ensure that all Americans have access to healthcare.

Use of telemedicine and virtual treatment more widely

In the early stages of the pandemic, telemedicine has seen huge growth. To provide health care to isolated Native American reservations, I successfully campaigned for the passage of programs that established T1 connections connecting reserves to mainstream facilities for immediate access.

Increasingly accessible virtual care-enabling technologies will propel a cultural change by healthcare professionals and their customers to embrace and trust the technology, resulting in further expansion of telehealth.

During the influenza pandemic, virtual care and telehealth growth were staggering, with private insurance claims for telehealth rising by 4,347% nationwide between March 2019 and March 2020.

This is for the near future, with clinicians already planning and budgeting for an estimated 10-30% of total patient visits post-Covid-19 for telehealth.

Home-based healthcare will continue to grow as innovative technologies are used.

The following items are especially great because these gadgets are user-friendly and cheap: a medical-grade EKG, AliveCor's Kardia, which detects atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, and One Drop's blood sugar testing kit.

TytoCare's at-home health monitoring system consists of various portable gadgets that report their data to physicians in real-time. Using a cautious growth rate of 38.2% over the following four years, Frost & Sullivan estimates that telehealth will be 7x as large by 2025, with compounded annual growth of 38.2% per year.

The government played a significant role in this rapid-fire transition to virtual care.

Emergency regulatory actions accelerated access to and increased payment for telehealth services, resulting in a significant increase in physician uptake and removing conventional bottlenecks in administrative decision-making processes.

With the backing of the Biden Administration, Congress must take action for many of these achievements to become permanent.

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